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What is Modern Interior Style?

Top attributes of modern interior design style:

  • An open floor plan
  • Usage of Art, instead of accessories
  • Furniture with basic shapes and clean lines
  • Furniture materials like metal, chrome or glass.
  • Furniture with smooth, polished and sleek surfaces
  • Plain area rugs
  • Geometric patterns
  • Primary colors with neutral tones
  • Bold contrast of color
  • Clean areas without clutter
  • Asymmetry that is intentionally planned
  • Lack of ornament in the design

What is modern design style?

"Modern design” 

This related to a specific time and is a reference to design popular during the early to mid-twentieth century.

Contemporary design

This is not related to a specific time, but rather is a design that constantly changes and reflects the present style that is popular in the present day.